Book Talk - Star Clans: A Troll Hunt.

A message from the publisher.

Star Clans: A Troll Hunt is fun.  I wanted to live in this fantasy. Hez has put together a wonderful story.  It was the main character, Hector that I fell in love with. It was his method of caring for his comrades and his method of fighting.  I wanted him to be my friend and I wanted to join him in his battles.  The trolls are funny and dangerous and kept me entertained. Hez has created a world that could easily exist in the great expanse of space. He has used actual science and science theory throughout. This story is impressive.

This is an excellent read and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

And yes, I'd to edit your book.  I prefer sci-fi but am open to other genre.  If I cannot give the book a 4 or 5 star rating then I will either do my best to critique the book or I will simply return the book to you.  Costs vary.

I may be reached at FussyCatPublishing@gmail.com or 701-899-0168

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