Short Stories — H. A. Austin

The Ghost of Winter By Hezekiah A. Austin

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Long ago in the Clan of Leo, there was an old house-carl.  He had served his house well, guarding its gates against all its foes.  Bravely he fought against all their foes. Now, he sat by the fire, half-blind and crippled by time.  Yet honored still by the grey-haired Matriarch and few old servants that remembered his deeds. In the Fall of the year, change came.  Golden and Red were the leaves and slowly they had started to fall.  With the fall of the leaves came sadness. For the grey-haired lady of the hall sickened and died.  Wails and weeping...

The Forging of Five Night-Weapons Deathtouched Weapons of the Invitus By H A Austin

Tags H. A. Austin, Short Stories

The five weapons were forged by the greatest Invitus, Craftmaster Apollo.  His long-ship crashed into a strange dark rock, deep in the night-void. The rock drew in light from its surroundings and kept the power.  Craftmaster Apollo took the rock and broke it apart into a black metal ore. Incased inside the rock, he found the strangest thing. The branch of a huge tree.  The branch was black. Like the ore, it was imbued with strange powers. It could be bent, yet his hardest and sharpest tools could not scratch it. He sold half of his goods for better tools. ...